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Dream Stream


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Aug 11, 2022

This is your Captain speaking preparing you for lift off... Welcome to Dream Stream a podcast dedicated to the Mystical Mayhem known as Dreaming. On this episode we are confronted with another S class Demon. Things get taken to a whole new level of disturbing. NIGHTMARE ZONE. We introduce a brand new segment "The Dream Archives" where we provide you with knowledge capable of transforming you into the ultimate dream warrior. Some absolutely bonkers submissions from Art Heart and Sh*t F*ck. Buckle your seatbelts Dorothy because the real world is going BYE BYE. If you want your dream to be featured on the show, type it up and send it to my email and include a username you would like me to refer to you as. Support the show at We are also on instagram and tiktok at @dreamstreampodcast Thank you so much for dialing in. Carry on Dreamers.